Our New Dates

September 19th – September 22nd 2019


! Astronomers !


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced amateur astronomer, we welcome you to attend the RTMC Astronomy Expo just outside of Big Bear City
  • See the stars from the clear air of YMCA Camp Oakes
  • Learn of new developments in amateur telescope making
  • Check out commercial telescopes and equipment brought by vendors for observers
  • Listen to excellent presentations covering observing, telescopes, and getting started in astronomy
  • Enjoy all the swap meet’s astro-goodies on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Socialize and observe with friends

Our 2018 Saturday Night Keynote Speaker was David Levy

David H. Levy is an astronomer, science writer and discoverer of comets and minor planets, who co-discovered Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 in 1993, which collided with the planet Jupiter in 1994. His talk was entitled “Talk, Text & Tunes: A Nightwatchman’s Journey.”

Our 2018 Sunday Night Keynote was Marc Rayman

Marc Rayman joined JPL in 1986 where he enjoyed a career highlight with Deep Space 1, which accomplished a spectacular encounter with Comet 19P/Borrelly in 2001. Deep Space 1 gave us the first close up photos of a comet’s nucleus. He is currently mission director and chief engineer of Dawn, which has orbited both inner solar system objects, Vesta and Ceres. Dr. Rayman is very active in public education and outreach programs.

Other noted speakers included: Tim Parker, JPL; Wally Pacholka, night sky photographer; Tim Thompson, JPL; Tim Robertson, JPL; and many others. We are anticipating another exciting speaker list for 2019, so stand by!

RTMC Expo Complete Information

This year’s annual RTMC Astronomy Expo will take place from Thursday, September 19th through Sunday, September 22nd. It will be held at YMCA Camp Oakes, five miles southeast of Big Bear City, California.

RTMC Expo Registration

Pre-registration is available from May 20th to August 31st. After August 31st, you may register on-site at premium prices. You may pre-register using a printed registration form and mailing a check or register on-line and pay with Paypal.

Commercial Exhibitors, Vendors & Clubs

Vendors include any business, club, organization or Individual who wishes to set up a booth and sell any commercial items or services. Clubs can set up a booth for free if they are not selling anything.

Welcome to RTMC

Letter From The President

Welcome to our 50th RTMC! Our engaging speakers will talk on a variety of subjects. If you are a beginner, we have programs with our Beginner’s Corner. Around the camp you will enjoy solar observations during the day and an awesome star party at night featuring large telescopes under mostly moonless skies. Of course, our vendors will tantalize you with their incredible products. So come and be part of the RTMC tradition and experience the sky with friends.