Our New Dates
September 19th – September 22nd 2019

! Astronomers !
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced amateur astronomer, we welcome you to attend the RTMC Astronomy Expo just outside of Big Bear City
  • See the stars from the clear air of YMCA Camp Oakes
  • Learn of new developments in amateur telescope making
  • Check out commercial telescopes and equipment brought by vendors for observers
  • Listen to excellent presentations covering observing, telescopes, and getting started in astronomy
  • Enjoy all the swap meet’s astro-goodies on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Socialize and observe with friends

Our 2019 Saturday Night Keynote Speaker is Jerry Blackburn

Our guest speaker for Saturday will be Jerry (Gerald) Blackburn. He is currently President of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation in CA, developing historical preservation and outreach projects. He is on the advisory Board of Directors for the City of Downey Columbia Memorial Space Sciences Learning Center. Gerald was a Project Manager with the Boeing Space and Communications Corporation. He was responsible for directing the Advanced Standards and Practices efforts in the Systems Safety and Product Assurance Department at the Huntington Beach Facility. Mr. Blackburn has been in the Aerospace Industry for over 40 years and retired in 2003. His career has spanned the entire manned space program from the X-15 at North American Aviation to the Apollo, Saturn SII, Space Shuttle and International Space Station Programs. We are EXCITED to have him attend!!

Welcome to RTMC
Letter From The President

Welcome to our 51st RTMC Astronomy Expo!

RTMC has a fresh aspect now as we gather in September, just before the fall Equinox. Until this year, we have always met in May with the spring and early summer sky visible. This year, the RTMC evening sky will have moved 120 degrees to the west, putting the summer Milky Way high overhead with the fall constellations coming up in the East.

RTMC is a well-rounded astronomy event that includes excellent science lectures and a great star party with outdoor observing day and night with fellow amateurs and telescopes of all kinds. We also feature astro-vendors bringing you the latest astronomy gear. You won’t be sitting in a conference center merely talking about astronomy—at RTMC we are surrounded by real stars. Naturally, the outdoors includes real weather, so come prepared for cool nights and warm sun.

RTMC is the place for telescope makers, so if you built it, bring it and show it off. If you took a picture of the sky, bring it to share. We will recognize your best telescoping making efforts and astro-photos in our telescope-maker Merit Awards and Astrophotography Competition. And, for photographers, this year’s AstroPhotography Workshop is designed for the average astro-imager who wants to take good photos with portable equipment at star parties.

We invite you to contribute to our program, whether by speaking on a subject you have studied or by showing something you have done. Bring your telescope to our nightly star party and join us on the main telescope field if you wish. The RTMC star party is a great opportunity to make new friends. This year the moon comes up later, so our evenings offers deep sky objects along with Jupiter and Saturn.  On the upper telescope field, there are a few power outlets available for telescopes and computers, so you may want to bring a power pack or extension cord.

We are a family event: all kids come in for free and students enter at half price. We have events for everyone, including hikes, mountain biking, swimming, archery, a zip line, and canoeing. Sunday afternoon our kids’ creative astronomy activity capped off with ice cream sundaes. Check your program for details.

Come join our Beginners’ Corner talks and star party and activities. We can help you get started and explore many aspects of our hobby while answering your questions. Saturday and Sunday mornings, there is fun at the Swap Meet where many surprises and curiosities await.

Come on up to the mountain and see for yourself!

Martin Carey

RTMC President

RTMC Expo Complete Information

This year’s annual RTMC Astronomy Expo will take place from Thursday, September 19th through Sunday, September 22nd. It will be held at YMCA Camp Oakes, five miles southeast of Big Bear City, California.

RTMC Expo Registration

Pre-registration is available from May 20th to August 31st. After August 31st, you may register on-site at premium prices. You may pre-register using a printed registration form and mailing a check or register on-line and pay with Paypal.

Commercial Exhibitors, Vendors & Clubs

Vendors include any business, club, organization or Individual who wishes to set up a booth and sell any commercial items or services. Clubs can set up a booth for free if they are not selling anything.