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Current List of Speakers for 2018


  • Tim Hunter — My life and hard times in amateur astronomy


  • Matthew Ota — Edward Emerson Barnard, The World’s Greatest Observer of his Time
  • Tim Thompson — A Universe of Stars
  • Tim Hunter — The Barnard Objects-in color
  • Mike Spooner — An ATM 36″ folded reflector
  • Peter Wraight — A Different Approach to Building Astronomical Binoculars
  • Tim Robertson — The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers… Past, Present and Future
  • David Levy — Saturday Keynote


  • Robert Stephens, The RTMC: A 50 Year Meeting and Star Party
  • Dorothy Wood — Building of the Palomar Observatory
  • Don Machholz — The Discovery of a Comet from RTMC
  • Michael Fene — Galileo: The Little Planetary Observation Spacecraft That Could
  • Tim Thompson — George Ellery Hale
  • Alan B. Gorski — Astro-Imaging with a Modified Canon 6D Full Frame DSLR
  • Wally Pacholka — How to take stunning Landscape Astrophotos
  • Dr. Marc Rayman – Nasa’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt.