• 4 PM – “Astronomical Adaptive Optics” – Claude Plymate
  • 7 PM – “Innovations in Astronomy” – Steve Edberg


  • 10 AM – Outreach: “What we do and Why we do it” – John Liderbach-Vega
  • 11 AM – “Observing Assists” – Gordon Brown
  • 1 PM – “Mars Rover Update” – Dr. Tim Parker
  • 2 PM – “Occultations – Introduction and Innovations” – Dr. David Durham
  • 3 PM – “Exoplanet Science With Large and Small Telescopes” – Dr. Josh Walawender
  • 4 PM – “Your Own Private Hubble – Introducing the Mission Space Project” – Dann McCreary
  • 4:30 PM – “Sharing the Universe through Outreach” – Chris Clarke


  • 10 AM – Oumuamua – An Out of this Solar System Mystery – Timothy Thompson
  • 11 AM – “Space Based Telescopes” – Looking back to see the future – Kurt Ponsor
  • 1 PM – “Adventures in Comet Imaging and Photometry” – Charles S. Morris

RTMC Expo Complete Information

This year’s annual RTMC Astronomy Expo will take place from Thursday, September 19th through Sunday, September 22nd. It will be held at YMCA Camp Oakes, five miles southeast of Big Bear City, California.

RTMC Expo Registration

Pre-registration is available from May 20th to August 31st. After August 31st, you may register on-site at premium prices. You may pre-register using a printed registration form and mailing a check or register on-line and pay with Paypal.

Commercial Exhibitors, Vendors & Clubs

Vendors include any business, club, organization or Individual who wishes to set up a booth and sell any commercial items or services. Clubs can set up a booth for free if they are not selling anything.